What colour is it? open lesson

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Theme:  "What  colour  is  it?”

Aim of the lesson:                                                                    

1.  Educational: To teach the pupils to express their opinions feely, to  teach the pupils to colour words

2. Developing: To develop memory, logical thinking and writing, listening and speaking                                                                                                                                                    

3. Bringing up: To make an interest to the subject and excite curiosity of pupils to the English lesson.                                                                                                                                     

The type of the lesson:  New Lesson                                                                                                  

The method of the lesson: exercises, instruction, practice.                                                                       

Visual aids: picture, poster, blackboard, chalk, interactive board, a felt-tip pen.                         

The plan of the lesson.

<!-- [if !supportLists] --> 1.     <!-- [endif] --> Organization moment.

<!-- [if !supportLists] --> 2.     <!-- [endif] --> Warm-up

<!-- [if !supportLists] --> 3.     <!-- [endif] --> Checking the home task.

<!-- [if !supportLists] --> 4.     <!-- [endif] --> Presentation: new theme "What  colour  is  it?”

<!-- [if !supportLists] --> 5.     <!-- [endif] --> Vocabulary

<!-- [if !supportLists] --> 6.     <!-- [endif] --> Work with picture.

<!-- [if !supportLists] --> 7.     <!-- [endif] --> Puzzle time

<!-- [if !supportLists] --> 8.     <!-- [endif] --> Work with group.

<!-- [if !supportLists] --> 9.     <!-- [endif] --> Guess the crossword.

<!-- [if !supportLists] --> 10. <!-- [endif] -->  Conclusion. Check yourself.

<!-- [if !supportLists] --> 11. <!-- [endif] -->  Giving the home task.


The end of the lesson.

The procedure of the lesson.

Organization moment:

Teacher:  Good  morning,  children!

Children: Good  morning,  good  morning!

                 Good  morning  to  you

                 Good  morning,  my teacher

                 We  are  glad  to  see  you!                                                                                   

Teacher:  I’m glad to see you too, sit dawn please.

Who  is  on  duty  today?  Who  is  absent  today?                                                                          

Children: I am on  duty  today. All are present.                                                                            

2. Warm-up.

Teacher:  I want to check your home task. Are you Learning?

Hello, Hello

How are you? How are you?

I am fine, I am fine,

I hope that you are too

3. Checking the home task.                                                                                           

Teacher:  You must come to the blackboard and tell the poem. I want to listen to the poem.                                                

   А) The Cat and the Mouse                                                                                                                                                                                   

"Little mouse, little mouse,                                                                                                                             

Where is your house?"                                                                                                                          

"Little cat, little cat                                                                                                                                  

I have no flat,         

I am a poor mouse,                                                                                                                                  

I have no house."                                           

"Little mouse, little mouse,                                                                                                                  

Come into my house."                                                                                                                                    "Little cat, little cat,                                                                                                                                               I cannot do that,                                                                                                                                        You want to eat me."                                                                                                                                 

4. Presentation: New theme: "What  colour  is  it ?”                                                               

T: So children! What about our lesson? Yes, our lesson is about colours. Open your copy-books and write down today is date and theme.

5. Vocabulary: Children write the new words and repeat after me the words.

Colour -  түс - цвет

Green – жасыл - зеленный

White – ақ - белый

Blue – көк - голубой

Red – қызыл - красный

Yellow – сары - желтый

Black – қара - черный

Brown – қоңыр - коричневый

Grey – сұр - серый

Orange – сарғылт - оранжевый

Pink – қызғылт - розовый


Blonde - ақ сары-белокурый


6.  Work with picture : 

T: Now  we  continue  our  lesson. 

Children, now  listen  to  me,  please  and  answer  my  questions.

T:What  is  it? 

P:This  is  a picture.

T: What  painted in the picture?

P: an  apple, vase, (ваза)

T:What  is  it? 

P:This  is  a picture.

T:What  painted in the picture?

P: a hedgehog, (хеджхог) leaf

T:What  is  it? 

P: a swan (сван), lake

T: Thank  you.  Let’s  we  describe  our  hair  and  eyes.

  • What colour  is  your  hair?
  • It’s
  • What colour  is  your  eyes?
  • They are 

T: What colour do you like? I like a blu colour.



7. Puzzle time.

Clap,  clap,  clap  your  hands,

Clap  your  hands  together.

Stamp,  stamp,  stamp  your  feet,

Stamp  your  feet  together.

Wink,  wink,  wink  your  eyes,

Wink  your  eyes  together.

Dance,  dance,  dance  about,

Dance  about  together.

8. Work with group.

T: You  must  find colour and words in the picture.

The  1st  group:                    a cat, a dog, a pear

The  2nd  group:                                                                                              a rabbit, a banana, a cherry.


For Example: 

T:What  is  it? 

P:This  is  a cat.

T: What  colour  is cat?

P: It’s  yellow.

T:What  is  it? 

P:This  is a dog.

T: What  colour  is dog?

P: It’s  black.

T:What  is  it? 

P:This  is  a rabbit.

T: What  colour is rabbit?

P: It’ s  white.

T: You  must find colour  a felt-tip pen and write to the blackboard

This is a felt-tip pen. It’s  white.

9. Guess the crossword.  You must find the colour names


What colour  is Izat’s hair?  It is Black.

What colour is a orange?  It is orange.

What colour is a banana? It is a yellow.

What colour is a potato? It is a brawn.

What colour is a sky? It is a blue.

What colour is a lips? It is a red.


10. Conclusion: Check yourself.

11. Giving the home task.

OK, children your home work will be to learn the new words.


Marking: All of you have worked very hard and very actively.

                   So, let is your marks.

The end of the lesson: Our open lesson is over

                                       You are free

                                        Good bye children


What  colour  is  it?  open lesson


What  colour  is  it?  open lesson


What  colour  is  it?  open lesson


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